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A few questions with Alex
What's your full Name:
Alexander David Feder
When is your birthday:
November 20th
Where's your hometown:
I'm originally from Potomac, Maryland
(just outside Washington, DC).
Now I live in L.A
How tall are you:
6 feet tall
What's your favourite food:
I don't have one! Not much of a
What instruments can you play?
My main instrument is obviously guitar. I used to
play drums, can play a tiny bit of keyboards, a little
bass, and I can sing decently.
How did you get into the music business:
I started playing drums as a kid and after playing in
front of people for the first time I knew it was what I
wanted to do.
How long have you been a member of
Enrique's band:
My first show with EI was in Puerto
Rico in January of this year (2010)
How did you get to be in the band:
I was recommended through a friend
and I went through a couple rounds of
auditions, was fortunate enough to get
What do you like most about the UK:
We see a lot of countries, but the UK is one of a
very few where I don't feel like I'm in a foreign
place. Maybe it's the language, maybe it's the
culture, maybe it's the friendly people, but it's just
easy to settle in and feel comfortable.
How do you relax on tour when you're in a different city
each night:
I tend to be a little bit of a hermit. I stay in my hotel
room a lot, keep in touch with my girlfriend and
friends from home online, play guitar in my room,
etc. Getting some alone time is important to me.
Enrique fans are pretty loyal to the
band, what's the best gift you've
received so far:
That cake we got in the UK was
AMAZING. So flattering.
But honestly, every gift has been nice! The dutch
fans wrote us notes and got us chocolates. Even
when people throw things at us on stage it's nice!
Just nice to have your work be appreciated.
and what's the most unusual gift so far:
I haven't really received anything weird yet!
What's been the most memorable moment touring with EI so
Playing Madison Square Garden was an honor. I just
moved to LA after living in New York for ten years,
and playing MSG was a dream come true. My girlfriend
was there, my family and friends were there. It was
really special for me, and it was only my third show!
How do you prepare yourself before you go on stage, any
good luck rituals?:
I don't do anything crazy before going onstage. When
we get out to the backstage area we tend to dance
around to the warmup music that's playing
out in the venue just to get our energy up. But it's
easy to get into performing mode when you're about
to be greeted by thousands of screaming EI fans!
What's been your greatest
achievement so far:
Tough to say! It's such an
honor to be in this band, so
I'd say the whole experience
has felt like a real
achievement for me. Playing with Enrique and with
the amazing musicians in the band is a wonderful
position to be in.
What can you see yourself doing in 10 years time:
I have been working on a solo project called Leonard
Friend I'd love it if I could make a career out of that in
the long run! It'd be nice to have songs of my own that
mean something to people.
Who are your biggest influences musically:
My favorite artist is Michael Jackson. Just an amazing
amazing performer and musician, unparalleled in
many ways. I also love Prince, Justin Timberlake,
Bruce Springsteen, some smaller bands like
Dismemberment Plan and LCD Soundsytem, and a
million other artists.
What was the first record you ever bought yourself:
I think the first record I ever bought myself was MC
Hammer's "Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em" on
cassette tape. Other early favorites:
"Stormfront" by Billy Joel, "Dangerous" by Michael
Jackson and "The Sign" by Ace of Base.
Tell us something about yourself that nobody else knows!:
I frequently get complimented by EI fans on my smile,
which brings up
one little known fact: I wore braces on my teeth for
THIRTEEN years! I still wear my retainers at night.
How's THAT for Rock 'n' Roll!